Public Markets

ADFG is a significant investor in public markets across equities and fixed income and participates in both primary offerings and secondary markets. We also invest opportunistically in long/short equity strategies, derivatives and other strategies where we believe price dislocations exist.


Our long term goal is capital appreciation at a high rate of return while minimizing the risk of loss of capital by (1) investing in listed securities trading at discounts to intrinstic value; and (2) taking a constructive activist role in companies with listed securities.


ADFG pioneered constructive activism in the Middle East region’s public markets through its Goldilocks fund platform which is domiciled in the Abu Dhabi Global Markets. The fund’s strategy aims to identify and extract value from public securities by acting as a catalyst to change that ultimately benefits all stakeholders.

Typical opportunities which Goldilocks invests in are companies whose intrinsic values are not recognized by the public market due to complex corporate or capital structures, asset mis-pricings, under researched or “below the radar” coverage, inefficient management and the lack of industry or market expertise in extracting value.

We seek to add value through board representation and management engagement while investing for the short to medium term within this strategy.

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