How to recognize fraudulent websites and emails

ADFG alerts members of the public to stay vigilant of fraudulent scams where fraudsters are impersonating the company, or a form of connection to the company, to gain your trust.

ADFG have received reports of emails being sent to members of the public using fake profiles and images of persons who are associated with ADFG, as well as third party consultancy firms. These emails use deceptive means to try and trick the recipient, like forging ADFG’s address. Often, they ask for the recipient to reply, call a phone number, or click on a weblink. Fraudsters have also been reported to mimic ADFG’s website, using its images, logos, branding and trade names to appear in some way connected with ADFG in an attempt to make their scam appear legitimate.

The following websites are examples which we draw your attention to:

  1. A website operated by a company claiming to be called AFIC (Al Futaisi Investment Company PJSC)
  2. A website operated by a company claiming to be called IMIC (Injaz Mena Investment Company PSC)

Fraudsters do so with the aim to obtain your personal and business information, as well as to make fraudulent requests for funding.

Hints to determine whether an email is fraudulent:

  • All genuine emails come from ‘’. ADFG does not use email addresses from public domains (such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc).
  • ADFG will never solicit investment through email communication and will not request transfer of funds through this method.
  • ADFG emails never link directly to a page that asks for security or personal details.
  • Lastly, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Unfortunately, fraudsters are constantly adapting their methods and so it can still be difficult to ascertain whether something is real or fake. If you have any uncertainty as to the legitimacy of an email you receive or any other material claiming to be connected in any way to ADFG, please email where our experts will review and advise you accordingly.

For more information on these scams, please click here.