Public Markets

ADFG is a significant investor in public markets across equities and fixed income and participates in both primary offerings and secondary markets. We also invest opportunistically in long/short equity strategies, derivatives and other strategies where we believe price dislocations exist.

Our long term goal is capital appreciation at a high rate of return while minimizing the risk of loss of capital by (1) investing in listed securities trading at discounts to intrinsic value; and (2) taking a constructive activist role in companies with listed securities.


Goldilocks is an open-ended fund launched in 2015 managed by ADCM Altus Investment Management Ltd. Goldilocks predominantly invests in GCC listed equities with a long-term goal to compound capital at a high rate of return while minimizing the risk of loss of capital by investing in listed companies trading at discount to intrinsic value.

Since its inception in July 2015, the Fund has managed to significantly outperform regional and global indices with a 134%** return compared to -14% for the MSCI UAE, -1% for the S&P Pan Arab and 33% for the MSCI World indices.

Goldilocks follows an investment approach based on Constructive Activism. The Fund operates with the support of other shareholders to ensure boards and management of companies work towards executing turnaround strategies and unlocking shareholder value.


** The return since inception formula comprise the performance of the fund investment strategy since its initial date of implementation as a pooled investment which predates the fund inception date and its launch to investors on June 4, 2017. The fund portfolio was migrated to Goldilocks Investment Company Limited on June 4 2017. Prior to the migration, the portfolio of assets was managed as Goldilocks’ strategy in the form of a pooled investment portfolio for the investors under Integrated Capital PJSC. The cumulative returns since inception include returns from the launch of pooled portfolio.